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Inspection and adjustment of the crank angle of the rolling machine

[Nov 5,2018]

1. Fix the high pressure diesel pump fueling gear of the bending machine in the maximum fueling position.
2. Firstly reverse the crankshaft by several tens of degrees (to eliminate the empty backlash), then turn the crankshaft to see the oil level of the high pressure oil pump outlet pipe, which is the starting oil supply time. For accurate measurement, a soft hose and a Berry tube with an inner diameter of not more than 2 mm can be placed on the outlet of the high pressure pump. The oil level is raised to the middle of the Berry tube. Can accurately see the oil surface fretting.
3. Start the engine for inspection. If the adjustment angle is too large, the fuel supply angle is too large, and the fuel injection is too early, which is harmful to the engine. The phenomenon is that white smoke is emitted after starting. When the engine is running at low speed, the engine vibration is fierce. The consequence is that the engine works thick CIF I. The crankshaft connecting rod is under excessive force. The wear is intensified and the engine life is shortened. Therefore, the piston is burnt out due to excessive heat. At the same time, the power is reduced and the fuel consumption is increased. If the fresh phenomenon is found, the inter-clip advance oil supply angle should be checked immediately. , adjust to the correct angle.
4. Check the crankshaft angle to find out the error caused by the wear and adjust the trimming. After adjustment, the crankshaft of the coiling machine can be rotated according to the above method for verification.

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