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Plate mill features

[Nov 5,2018]

(1) In order to obtain good thickness accuracy, the modern plate mill must have a hydraulic pressure reduction system with high speed, high responsiveness and high pressure. The general oil source pressure reaches 32 MPa and the response frequency reaches 20 Hz.
(2) In order to achieve planar shape control, the general pressing speed should reach 20 ~ 30mm / s.
(3) Large rolling force requires huge hydraulic cylinders, and its structural design, processing and manufacturing, sealing, etc. all have a series of problems waiting to be solved.
(4) The rolling mill has a plate crown and a plate flatness control system.
(5) To realize the planar shape control, in addition to the hydraulic pressing speed, there is a certain requirement, and a vertical rolling mill is also needed to further control the shape of the side and improve the width control precision.
(6) The accuracy of the rolling mill drive system also has an important influence on the control accuracy of the planar shape system. AC drive system and full digital control must be used.

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