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Rolling mill machinery roller section with common sense

[Nov 5,2018]

The design and production of the rolling section of the rolling mill is specific to the specifications of the rolling mill equipment and the type of rolling. For example, the requirements for high degree of mechanization are different. For example, large rolling mills must be equipped with turning steel rollers and automatic lifting rollers. And fully automatic step-type cooling bed, rolling mill generally includes two major parts of main equipment (mainframe) and auxiliary machinery (auxiliary machine), equipment software, kits also account for a large proportion, resulting in the key technology of rolling mill equipment subject to people, we are one It is believed that this is a technology that is becoming more and more mature and rapidly popularized. It is an inevitable trend of the development of the industry. The technological progress of the world rolling mills is mainly focused on the shortening and simplification of the production process, and finally the formation of high-quality products of rolling mills. The variety of rolling mills is diverse, and the control management is computerized. The passage on the roll of the rolling mill constitutes a reliable lubrication and heat dissipation system, coupled with a good sealing device, enabling the rolling mill bearings to operate stably in high-speed and high-pressure conditions.

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