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The development status of the bending machine in China

[Nov 5,2018]

In the 1960s, China began to develop a bending machine. The earliest coiling machine was the side of a symmetrical three-roller, which was relatively simple in structure and could not pre-bend the end of the sheet. By the 1970s, some companies had achieved initial success in the development of the coiling machine. For example, Changye Forging Machine Tool Plant successfully developed a four-roll bending machine that can directly bend the end of the sheet, but the structure is huge and the production cycle long. Subsequently, the company developed a hydraulic horizontal down-regulation three-roller and a full-hydraulic four-roller, which can form cylindrical parts at one time, which greatly improves work efficiency. In the 1980s, digitally controlled three- and four-roll bending machines appeared in foreign countries. The machine has functions such as automatic leveling of the work rolls and horizontal lifting of the lower rolls. The machine is compact and reasonable in structure and light in weight, and is widely welcomed by the market. Subsequently, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the country’s strong support, currently, in the direction of the shipbuilding industry, the marine coiling machine can roll 21,000mm width parts, the maximum downforce that the upper roll can reach is 22000kNa.

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