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  • 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

    Product Description: This 3 roll plate bending machine can be obtained by the hydraulic oil in the cylinder acting on the piston rod. In addition, it is a new kind…

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  • Three Roll Bending Machine

    Economical type large 3 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine, Model: W11S-80×3000, bending thickness 80mm, pre-bending 50mm, width 3100mm, top roller diameter 760mm, bottom roller 460mm, motor power 90kw, PLC control,…

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  • Angle Bending Rolls

    Product Description: The angle bending rolls will not interfere with the plate thickness automatic control system. In addition, it can be an ideal item to prevent the iron oxide scale, thus making…

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  • Angle Roller

    Product Description: This angle roller adopts steel construction frame, which has longer service life than ordinary roller on the market. Due to the compact design and proper size, it can…

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  • Plate Bending Roller

    Description: This plate bending roller is sleeved on the curved mandrel by a multi-section metal sleeve rolling bearing or a nylon sleeve, and the adjacent sleeves on both sides of…

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  • Metal Bending Rolls

    High performance 4 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine, Model: W12-30×2000, bending thickness 30mm, pre-bending 25mm, width 2100mm, top roller 360mm, PLC control, cone bending standard, short flat ends, different shapes….

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  • Pyramid Rollers

    Product Description: This pyramid roll has bright and smooth appearance, while the mandrel is firmly bonded. The size of the roller is strictly controlled, which will not change greatly under different temperature and…

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  • Hydraulic Roll Bender

    Economical type 3 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine, Model: W11S-16×2500, bending thickness 16mm, pre-bending 13mm, width 2600mm, top roller diameter 300mm, bottom roller 165mm, motor power 15kw, PLC control, cone…

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  • Sheet Metal Cone Rolling

    Product Feature: This sheet metal cone rolling can realize a series of functions such as bending, corner treatment, base flange, edge flange, miter flange, and unfolding, which can meet the…

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  • CNC Roll Bender

    Product Description: This CNC roll bender features a mold to bend a cold metal sheet into a work piece of various geometric cross-section shapes. It is a sheet metal forming machine, which…

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